The industries we serve

NextGen is a leading IT services company specializing in contingent staffing services and managed solutions. We serve clients in numerous and varied industries, including, Telecommunications, Automobile, Aerospace, Beverage, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance. With approximately 300 consultants in 35 markets in the U.S, we support client staffing and project needs on an international, regional and local basis.

Our strong recruiting process drives our ability to attract experienced IT talent to meet our clients' fast-paced environment. NextGen boasts an internal data base with more than 400,000 resumes all with client specific skills. NextGen focuses on helping organizations create efficiencies and cost-savings. Our suite of managed solution practices offers total IT project management services with flexible delivery options.

A Letter from Our President

Lori Eaton, President

At NextGen, we are happy that we are one of the country’s leading consulting firms, yet what we are most proud of is that our work is about connecting people and technology, working together to achieve success in the workplace. As a talent engagement firm specializing in IT services and professional solutions we experience first-hand how technology impacts business. Yet, we also know that it is the people behind technology who create technological change and who make innovation happen. It is an extraordinary time for our industry as we help make these connections, across the globe and at fractions of a second. Our mission is to bring an unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence to every business endeavor.

As our clients expand into global markets and as we engage our consultants from around the world our focus is to support the current and future generations to help architect a modernized world.

In such exciting times, as a recruiting firm, we have the opportunity to serve other businesses, helping them achieve their diversity objectives, empowering them with a diversified workforce to meet the challenges of global business.

As a corporation, we have the privilege of supporting our community and in so doing, provide our time, talent and attention to the charitable causes our staff cares about, so that we can help make a positive impact on the lives of others.

As a privately-owned business, we have the responsibility to help support our employees with professional development opportunities in an effort to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance, and realize their professional dreams.

At NextGen, we work each day to create a strong company with a sustainable future through fiscal and social responsibility…ethical business practices…diversity…and green initiatives. Our numerous programs including Diversity Works, Chamba and Recruit a Veteran are just a few examples of how we have taken a leading role in differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

Our programs including Diversity Works, the We Care Initiative, the Verde Project, NextStep and RAV (Recruit a Veteran) help support this mission. Just as we support each other in the office, we wanted to extend this involvement and commitment to the business community and the community at large, with volunteerism, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, scholarship and civic responsibility.

Our company and our team have embraced this leadership position as we celebrate 19 years in our industry with a proven track record and a history of success. As we continue to grow, we extend our thanks to all our clients, consultants, colleagues and friends for another exciting and successful year.

At NextGen, we are passionate about many things, but simply, we work each day for a better workforce and a better workplace.

Lori Eaton
NextGen Information Services, Inc.