NextGen is committed to assisting companies in developing a workforce that is made of top talent, while remaining deeply committed to cultivating and supporting diversity. Our mission is to bring an unwavering dedication to each activity we undertake for our clients and for our consultants. It is through this that we deliver quality, value and support…the cornerstone to our success.


It is our vision and dream to bring opportunities to our employees with the potential to change their world as they change our world with their talent. We strive to make our enterprise a platform that promotes a positive work/life balance for our employees. Our continued commitment to our clients is to adapt to their changing needs and maintain our pursuit of excellence.


At NextGen, we strive to make our enterprise a platform which supports growth and sustainability through fiscal and social responsibility, diversity and green initiatives. We have written policies and practices in all of the following Citizenship & Sustainability areas: Labor Practices including Freedom of Association, Human Rights and Environmental Health & Safety. We are particularly dedicated to the next generation of innovative ideas in support of education, diversity, technology accessibility and for our service men and women.

Our goal is to help create and support our employees with a healthy work/life balance, and to adapt to the changing needs of our clients to support their business success. As a staffing and recruiting firm we have the opportunity to support other businesses, helping them improve productivity, reduce employee turnover, promote speed and efficiency and mitigate expense; which in turn helps create a healthy business community. As a corporation we have the privilege of supporting our community and in “giving back and paying it forward” we can help make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Some of our programs include…

Diversity Works… Our Diversity Works program has expanded our definition and escalated our programs to encourage and promote diversity in the community and the workplace and help clients achieve their diversity goals. With this expanded platform, new clients have been brought on board and we have been able to provide existing clients added endorsement, to help fulfill their diversity objectives. As a certified MBE/WBE we support other minority and women-owned businesses throughout the country. We pro-actively recruit to build a worldwide diverse talent community. We partner with numerous organization including the Urban League of Young Professionals, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Professional Organization of Women and the Organization of Chinese Americans to name a few. Our definition of diversity includes not only race and gender but also ethnicity and socio-economic status, age and physical disabilities, religious beliefs, political views and sexual orientation. At NextGen, we work to create a workplace that supports our dynamic differences and the many positive and powerful dimensions that diversity affords.

We Care Initiative… Our “We Care” Initiative is a corporate outreach program designed to support charity, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, scholarship and civic progress. Just as we support each other in the office, we wanted to extend this involvement and commitment in the community. We encourage our staff to donate their time and talent to various causes and provide them a platform to volunteer. We also help provide the corporate stewardship many charities need to sustain. We have been actively involved with the United Way, Kingdom House, St. Patrick’s Center, and Race for the Cure, Lift for Life Academy, the Alzheimer’s Association and more. In addition, we are also support our St. Louis Business community and work in helping people who need help in gaining a job or a new career path to get back on their feet. Our company and our team have embraced this opportunity, working to make a difference in the community and in the lives of others. There has been an extraordinary ripple effect as we have actively engaged with other business and charities to help make St. Louis a better place to live, work, play and invest.

RAV Program (Recruit a Veteran)…The RAV Initiative is designed to support our veterans and their families by providing them with great career opportunities. This outreach program includes education and mentoring regarding resume writing, interview tips and career coaching in a concerted effort to hire our heroes. The program also provides resources for military families who need help re-deploying into a civilian workforce.

NextGen-NextStep program…The NextStep program is an aggressive effort to recruit college students. This program is designed to reach out and recruit from the college community as well as to millennials entering the workforce. Part of the program includes offering resume and interview tips and career coaching. We are proactively engaged to expand our global talent pool of the next generation of IT professionals. The Next-Step program is also an outreach program to help develop access and opportunity to technology for our youth and especially to young women in support of STEM.

NextGen Verde Project…The Verde Project at NextGen is our way of striving to go green at the office. We work to recycle, refurbish and reuse. Being in the technology business we recycle our computers and donate them to charity and we are looking at new ways each day to go green in the office.