Downstream, Upstream and energy industry servicing companies are heavily dependent on technology tools to manage complex processes and convert the immense data generated during searches into energy producing sources. As the scarcity of oil and gas increases along with its global demand, it is advancing technology what has so far enabled producers to stay ahead of the demand curve.


NextGen’s technological services help oil and gas producers and their supply chain net find solutions to their problems, driving costs down and increasing productivity, giving them a better reconnaissance of their production and their processes through IoT devices, Scalable Data Lakes, Advance Analytics and AI.


NextGen services also help any other type of energy industry with the same tools and the same outcome, promoting an efficient, competitive and sustainable energy production, as well as energy trading agents, enhancing the dynamic of this particular business.

  • IoT and Edge data services
  • Data integration and security services
  • Data lakes and ML and AI capabilities for operational performance management.
  • Customer application services.
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