Engineering & Construction

NextGen brings its technological expertise as a control systems partner to every engineering process, whether industrial, civil or manufacturing, becoming a key partner of the project, regardless its size or scope.

Through the installation of IoT devices -such as sensors or detectors- integrated network systems and video equipment, NextGen offers Advanced Analytics services that can both meet the technological goals of the project. Data gathering through instrumentation, its integration and storage are highly secure and accurate, allowing a smarter use of the facility, plant, building, pipeline or any other engineering project after completion, along with the optimization of its efficiency and even the automation of the maintenance process.

NextGen’s service offer –from hardware to software, from IoT to Insights- either creates or enhances the ERP systems that add value to your business and your customer’s, following every detail of the development of the project.

  • Digital Twin Solutions
  • Network and WiFi as a Service
  • Edge Computing Solutions
  • Scalable Data Lakes
  • Advanced Analytics
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