Expanding the integration between technology and healthcare services means an overall quality improvement for all the parties involved. NextGen’s tech services cover a whole range of solutions, from patient assistance to healthcare management; from smart devices for data collection to insights that can add value to clinical services and can increase your business efficiency.


Enhancing telemedicine and home healthcare through IoT devices allows timely monitoring, faster diagnosis and event prevention, especially for long term and chronic patients. NextGen systems and services are customizable and establish cross-device connectivity and integration, implementing smart features into medical devices and related software systems, like applications for patients, physicians and physical therapists. NextGen’s network and data security services keep information secure and private, helping with regulation compliance and patient confidentiality.


For managed care organizations, third party administrators, healthcare providers, pharma and hospitals, NextGen develops personalized and customizable services and easy integration of systems, enabling a broad range of solutions such as digitalization through Scalable Data Lakes, easy and secure data retrieval like access to medical history, big data platforms to store and analyze data and Advanced Analytics solutions for operation efficiency (utilization and screening management, claims review, treatment frequency, errors and legal risk reduction, and supply demand, among others), fraud prevention/detection and profitability. Also, admission, scheduling, fulfillment, billing and customer care tracking systems and wayfinding services in large hospitals and healthcare centers, through call centers and desktop and application support management services.

  • Virtual management of devices
  • Automated device-to-analytics data flow
  • Remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics
  • Hospital asset management
  • Remote device configuration and tuning
  • Data analytics applications for clinicians and patients
  • Predictive device maintenance
  • Big data and data lake platform implementation
  • Advanced analytics and business value insights
  • Secure networks and wireless access integrations
  • Application migrations to cloud.
  • Wayfinding application services
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