NextGen’s tech services can help enhance the efficacy, resilience, and security of electricity, water, and gas providers by developing and maintaining systems and smart meters that provide near real-time information on consumption and transmission through the deployment of IoT devices, networks and data integration.

This data allows for more efficient, demand-based generation and distribution and makes it possible to integrate a larger ecosystem of sources into unified distribution networks.

NextGen services also help with the generation and the regulation/compliance processes through the use of Scalable Data Lakes and Advanced Analytics. The Insights you produce will expand your business and help you provide a better customer experience with value-adding services.

  • Smart meter IoT solutions for utilities
  • Low-cost plug-and-play smart meter installation
  • Efficient and future proof IoT devices
  • High data security and fraud prevention
  • Smart meters for residential properties 
  • Data Lakes, Advanced Analytics and AI.
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