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What Are You Thankful for This Year?

By November 18, 2017 No Comments

This Thanksgiving Day, besides the copious amounts of food you’ve eaten, whether you’ve been able to make it home or to spend time with friends or not, what else are you thankful for?

Are you wishing you didn’t have to trudge back into that dreaded office after a weekend of Black Friday shopping? Instead of being relaxed, looking forward to seeing your fellow coworkers and colleagues and getting back into the swing of things before the next holiday, are you looking for excuses to take a Monday sick day?

Instead of wishing you had another item you could add to your list of what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday, ensure next year, you can definitely check off that you’re satisfied and thriving at your new job.

You can be thankful for the new job offer you received, so you can mark yet another item you’re thankful for next Thanksgiving season. (And better yet, into the New Year – new year, new job, right?)

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