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Discover the Next Generation of Business Staffing Solutions

At NextGen we support emerging high-tech organizations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies with a diverse talent community to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We work closely with our clients to help them build a dynamic staff and personnel, well suited to their corporate culture. We work...for a better workforce...a better workplace.

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Discover the Next Dimension in your Career Success

At NextGen we are committed to our candidates and consultants and know that behind every placement there are real people looking for an opportunity and the right fit to achieve their career goals and professional dreams. We’re dedicated to all those who look to their professional life as an opportunity for great work and positive change.

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This year we are celebrating our 16th anniversary in business at NextGen.  From the very beginning our goal was to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide our consultants with terrific career opportunities.  These long lasting partnerships have been positive and have created a powerful business dynamic that has been the cornerstone of our success.  Throughout the years we have faced challenges, typical of any business, especially during trying economic times.  However, we have always been able to achieve our goals, by looking at challenges as opportunities and always looking ahead. 

Last year we moved into our new offices in Downtown St. Louis, only a few floors from where we began so many years ago.  The transition, however small in terms of distance, space and square footage was transforming in many ways.  With new space we increased our staff.  Today, we have many millennial staff members working with our tenured recruiters, creating an exciting energy that in turn generates fresh ideas and a unique perspective.   This year we have also developed several creative programs and amplified our services including, NextDimensions an advanced working platform developed by our Project Management Division, calculated to bridge the talent and knowledge gap with a customized and collaborative approach. Our Diversity Works program is an expanded definition of diversity and a targeted approach that promotes and encourages diversity in the workplace. Our We Care Initiative is an outreach program designed to support charitable organizations and St. Louis businesses by embracing civic responsibility, philanthropy and scholarship . We also have implemented our NextStep program geared to recruiting college students with the next generation of IT professionals, our RAV (Recruit a Veteran) Initiative intended to provide help and career opportunities to veterans returning to the civilian workforce and our Verde Project, our way of going green in the office.

This year has been an exciting time of growth, change, and recognition.  With this recognition we include all of our clients and consultants who have helped us achieve success.  We send  our thanks to all with the promise that we at NextGen will continue to pursue excellence in all we do and to do our best as we work to …make the workforce and the workplace …better.

Carmen Jacob 

Carmen Jacob... E&Y 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist!

Carmen Jacob... Enterprising Women of the Year 2014 Award Winner from Enterprising Women Magazine!

Carmen Jacob... Hispanic Businessperson of the Year 2014 from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metrpolitan St. Louis! 

Carmen Jacob... 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business and Top Women Business Owners Award from Small Business Monthly!

Carmen Jacob... Named to Boy's and Girl's Club Board

Carmen Jacob... Name to Partnership for Downtown St. Louis