As a staffing and recruiting firm we have the opportunity to support other businesses, helping them improve productivity, reduce employee turnover, promote speed and efficiency and mitigate expense; which in turn helps create a healthy business community.

Contingent Labor
Nextgen tailors its recruiting process to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking to fill very niche skills or have a large volume staffing program, we can deliver a solution that fits.

Contract to hire
Timing and finances are two critical components in the hiring
process. Nextgen offers our clients the opportunity to preview a consultant’s performance before they commit to a permanent hiring decision.

Direct Hire
Nextgen provides skilled expertise in recruiting talent across various industries, business and technical environments. Allow us to utilize our creative and strategic sourcing and recruiting methods to connect your organization with the right talent.

Workforce Solutions
Nextgen provides a variety of services including statements of work and a managed services model to meet various client demands. These solutions include staffing project management offices, project delivery, government services and near shore solutions. Nextgen engages solutions that benefits
the stakeholders and supply chain while managing cost, minimizing risks, standardizing processes and tracking performance.

Staff Augmentation
Nextgen has the capacity and the flexibility to scale down or up its services – from a single developer to multiple teams- according to the demands of your projects and evaluating the additional skills required to respond to your business objectives

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Nextgen’s recruitment center is based in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Mexico and services companies in the United States and Mexico. We provide end-toend scalable recruiting solutions for information technology, engineering, scientific, accounting/finance, marketing, procurement and clerical/administrative staffing needs. Our bi-lingual, English and Spanish, speaking recruiting and delivery teams work seamlessly with our clients to deliver cost effective, measurable results.


Our information technology candidates are tech-savvy professionals who can help your company grow in today’s digital environment. They can properly communicate your company’s message through digital applications to meet customer needs. These candidates are efficient in designing, coding, and constructing web pages, programs and applications.


Our accounting and finance candidates are properly trained and certified to analyze accounting data and deliver financial information. Our candidates can collect fiscal information and prepare profit and loss statements so that you can easily assess the direction to take your company. In addition, our knowledgeable candidates can recommend financial actions by analyzing accounting options.


Our engineering candidates have the knowledge and experience to solve technical problems and develop project plans. They are efficient in designing and managing projects. In addition, they can analyze the specifications of existing plans through proper testing and field inspection.


Our scientific candidates have a strong background that includes controlled experiments and lab-based investigations. Collecting information and analyzing data is an integral part of this process.


Our administrative support candidates have the skills to keep the office running smoothly. Whether it’s filing reports, scheduling appointments, or being the face of the company when someone comes in or calls the office. Organization, writing, and problem-solving are just a few of the skills these candidates possess.


Our professional services candidates that fall under the professional services category can interpret and analyze data, statistics, and reports. They are skilled at building marketing strategies, implementing databases, discovering new business leads, and optimizing for statistical efficiency