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Nextgen is a premier talent engagement firm dedicated to building a professional workforce and a productive workplace environment for quickly changing high-tech business world in a diverse society. We adapt to change and we align to new technology.

We are both an industrious and enterprising company that helps connect people and technology across the globe. We work with companies to help build multicultural business partnerships and with global citizens to create a world-wide talent community. As an international and innovative resource, nextgen supports emerging tech organizations, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies with the best and brightest talent in IT and professional services.

Staffing Firm

As a staffing firm, we work with contingent labor programs to deliver high volume, quality service on-demand.


Consulting Firm
As a consulting firm, we deliver consultative solutions to solve business challenges.
Recruiting Firm

As a recruiting firm, we connect the right talents with the right companies.


At nextgen, we strive to make our enterprise a platform which supports growth and sustainability through fiscal and social responsibility, diversity and green initiatives.


We have received numerous honors and awards over the years for excellence in business and diversity. Nextgen finds real solutions for workplace challenges by creating positive relationships with employers and potential employees. Through programs like Diversity Works, Recruit a Veteran and We Care, we have taken our original goals for the company to the next level. We pride ourselves on our history and experience, yet, we are focused on the future.


Nextgen is in the business of connecting people and technology to help create a better workforce and workplace with a diverse talent community. Simply, we support clients as they build their business and consultants as they work to fulfill their professional goals. While we stand on a foundation of experience and expertise, we are poised to meet the changing demands of business. Ours is a pursuit of excellence, in everything we do, evidenced by long-standing, productive and positive business partnerships and a history of success. We cultivate a diverse and global business community for a sustainable future.

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