Dedicated to Diversity in Business, we work to create a workplace that supports our dynamic differences and the many positive and powerful dimensions that diversity affords.
• A competitive edge to expand internationally and increase in revenue and return.
• The ability to build synergies in teams which enhances communication.
• A unique exchange of ideas, products and services critical to sustainability.


We have received numerous honors and awards over the years for excellence in business and diversity. Through programs like Diversity Works, Recruit a Veteran and We Care, we have taken our original goals for the company to the next level.
We pride ourselves on our history and experience, yet, we are focused on the future.
5 Top 50 Diversity Owned Businesses in Missouri
2 Minority Owned Business in St. Louis
7 Top 50 Privately Held Businesses in Missouri 2016
207 Top 500 Diversity Owned Businesses in US


Nextgen provides leadership training on understanding and incorporating the values of diversity
in the workplace. Key areas of education include:

• Understanding diversity issues, their impact on staffing, services, and products.
• Understanding how to incorporate cultural diversity programs endorsed by leadership
and how to educate managers on the value of diversity within the organization.
• Understanding inclusion and how to implement strategies that create an inclusive


Nextgen is in the business of putting people to work, creating a diverse talent community, and providing our clients access to a diverse workforce. As a Minority Owned Business, diversity is simply part of our corporate DNA, so we embrace diversity and inclusion in everything we do.
The following programs were created to build a diverse and inclusive platform and create a sustainable workforce that will foster civic progress:

Diversity Works is a strategic platform for connecting with various social, industry, community and service organizations to enhance our recruiting network.

NextStep is our millennial and college graduate recruiting program.


Recruit A Veteran was designed to help our service men and women as they redeploy into the civilian workforce.