Services provided by federal, state and local governments, plus the infrastructure, systems, procedures and staff required to successfully deliver them can expand their potential through NextGen’s tech services and tools.


Nextgen collaboration means a more efficient use of public service facilities and smart buildings, real-time monitoring of local and city-wide consumption of water, gas emissions and other city vitals, public transportation and traffic management solutions, census deployment and clerical services.


The use of NextGen’s IoT services, Advanced Analytics through Scalable Data Lakes and AI help review and rewrite the way public service is provided, optimizing results while keeping budgets under control.

  • Smart city lighting
  • Smart grid automation
  • Ecology monitoring solutions
  • Energy-saving buildings
  • Efficient public services tracking
  • Ad-hoc traffic balancing
  • Smart public safety systems
  • Implementation and upgrade of application servers
  • Human resource management systems
  • Analytics and application services to Human and Health Services
  • Analytics and application services to Transportation
  • Analytics and application services to Comptroller operations
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